Plan for better grades in 2013

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Happy Holidays! It’s 6 weeks of no school! While that sounds like a wonderful break from lunches, uniforms, homework and after school activities, it is worth thinking of your child’s learning needs for 2013. If you were concerned about your child’s end of school report, then it will be important to get help from educational experts who can help answer your questions. Why is your child’s reading grade low? Why does your child have difficulty in maths? What is the best way

to improve your child’s learning at school? What can be done at school to help? Psychology and speech pathology assess the heart of the problem and treat your child’s individual difficulty. Don’t wait another school term for a comprehensive assessment that answers your questions. Limited holiday assessments are available to get started early or refer now to avoid extended waiting lists in 2013. Call us for more information on how we can help.

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